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Email Subscription – Recommendation

I subscribe to the Inside Out Macmillan English Update email service, which sends out a newsletter each week with links to downloadable activities. A number of them have been quite useful to me, but I have not posted about them because you need to be a registered email recipient in order to access them.

I highly recommend subscribing to this service, which provides activities on different proficiency levels throughout the month.

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Iraq & Oil Production – Recommendation

I recently used the “Read a Pie Chart” handout found in lesson 2 here:

Thumbs Up Scholastic News In-depth: Rebuilding Iraq

It took 10-15 minutes to discuss the chart and the questions with a group of lower-level 11 and 12 year olds. It is best if you have a world map, or at least a map of the Middle East to go along with this.

New Live Duplifiches 6e: Anglais – Recommendation

This recommendation is for a set of photocopiable sheets geared toward 10-12 year old French students for use in English class. They are actually quite useful for any age and any first language, but especially so for beginners to intermediate students.

I have used their sheets about the family, the body, basic adjectives, the house, and the city, and they are a very good source of basic vocabulary.

The publication information is as follows:

  • Title: New live Duplifiches 6e : Anglais
  • Editor: Didier (18 october 2004)
  • Language : Français
  • ISBN-10: 2278049062
  • ISBN-13: 978-2278049066

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Family Q&A Board Game – Recommendation

I have used the Family Q&A board game available at with great success. It goes well with lessons on family vocabulary and relationships, and students always love a game.

Take a look at it here:

Thumbs Up board games

(scroll down to where you see “Who’s in your family?-Family Q and A”).

Clothing – Recommendation

The British Council has three worksheets about clothing that I have used in combination with each other. They can all be found here:

Thumbs Up Clothes – Topics

Look in the right-hand column for Favourite Clothes, Clothes Match, and Getting Dressed. By far, Favourite Clothes was the most successful, because I had the students volunteer to read their resulting sentences.

Pronunciation – Recommendation

The following activity is great for teaching past tense pronunciation. I have not used the story, but I have used the worksheet.

*Please note, however, “studied” should be removed from the “id” column; this is an error (it belongs in the “d” column).

Thumbs Up ESOL beginner lessons: pronunciation

Extreme Adjectives – Recommendation

I have used the following resource from One Stop English for vocabulary building:

Thumbs Up Grammar: vocabulary (extreme adjectives)

I especially like the first page of the student worksheets. It can be used to open a discussion of other synonyms.