A good game for any age that can fill 10-20 minutes. Hangman (Pendu in French) can be played a number of different ways, but it is always more successful if you split the class into teams.

Sometimes I will draw the hanged man on the board so the students have a standard picture to work from. Everyone draws him differently, and it makes a difference to the number of chances there are to guess letters.

To play with the teacher in control of the board:

  • No teams: the students guess letters individually
  • Teams: each team guesses a letter in turn

To play with the students in control of the board (requires teams):

  1. Choose a team to start (Team A)
  2. Team A chooses a word quietly among themselves and verify the spelling with the teacher, if necessary
  3. A representative from Team A goes to the board and marks the places for the letters
  4. Team B guesses a letter (hopefully after mutual agreement)
  5. Play continues until Team B has either lost or won
  6. Control of the board can then go to Team B, or it can stay with Team A if Team B lost (this is at the teacher’s discretion; I often alternate teams even if they have lost)

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